LV2::WriteMIDI< Required >::I< Derived > Struct Template Reference

#include <lv2gui.hpp>

Inherits LV2::Extension< Required >.

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Protected Member Functions

bool write_midi (uint32_t port, uint32_t size, const uint8_t *data)

Detailed Description

template<bool Required = true>
template<class Derived>
struct LV2::WriteMIDI< Required >::I< Derived >

This is the type that your plugin or GUI class will inherit when you use the WriteMIDI mixin. The public and protected members defined here will be available in your plugin class.

Member Function Documentation

template<bool Required = true>
template<class Derived>
bool LV2::WriteMIDI< Required >::I< Derived >::write_midi ( uint32_t  port,
uint32_t  size,
const uint8_t *  data 
) [inline, protected]

This function can be used to write a MIDI event to an event input port in the plugin.

port The port index.
size The number of bytes in the MIDI event.
data The MIDI data for the event. This should point to an array of size bytes.
true if the event could be written to the plugin port, false if it couldn't (for example if the host doesn't support MIDI events).

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