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LV2::URIMap< Required >::I< Derived > Struct Template Reference

#include <lv2types.hpp>

Inherits LV2::Extension< Required >.

Protected Member Functions

uint32_t uri_to_id (const char *map, const char *uri) const

Detailed Description

template<bool Required = true>
template<class Derived>
struct LV2::URIMap< Required >::I< Derived >

This is the type that your plugin or GUI class will inherit when you use the FixedBufSize mixin. The public and protected members defined here will be available in your plugin class.

Member Function Documentation

template<bool Required = true>
template<class Derived>
uint32_t LV2::URIMap< Required >::I< Derived >::uri_to_id ( const char *  map,
const char *  uri 
) const

This returns a numeric identifier for a given URI and map. This is used for e.g. getting numeric IDs for event types specified by URIs. A return value of 0 should be considered to mean that the URI you passed is not supported by the host.

mapAn URI to be used as namespace.
uriThe URI that you want to map to a numeric ID.

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