This JACK program is a port of the free VST plugin AZR-3. It is a tonewheel organ with drawbars, distortion and rotating speakers. The original was written by Rumpelrausch Täips.

The organ has three sections, two polyphonic with 9 drawbars each and one monophonic bass section with 5 drawbars. The two polyphonic sections respond to events on MIDI channel 1 and 2, and an optional keyboard split function makes the bass section listen to the lower keys on channel 1.

The three sections have separate sustain and percussion switches as well as separate volume controls, and the two polyphonic sections have separate vibrato settings. All three sections are mixed and sent through the distortion effect and the rotating speakers simulator, where the modulation wheel can be used to switch between fast and slow rotation, and the fast and slow rotation speeds themselves can be changed separately for the lower and upper frequencies.

Download it:

1.2.3: tarball | GPG signature | changelog
1.2.0: tarball | GPG signature | changelog
1.0.3: tarball | GPG signature | changelog
1.0.2: tarball | GPG signature | changelog
1.0.1: tarball | GPG signature | changelog
1.0.0: tarball | GPG signature | changelog

You can also get it using Git:

git clone git://

The original VST version is available here: Thanks to Herr Rumpelrausch for releasing his code under the GNU GPL!

Demo: azr3.ogg